Applications: Engine: Pistons

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Piston temperature measurement systems are custom-designed by IR Telemetrics, the technology leader in providing wireless transfer of data from internal reciprocating and rotating components.

Piston Pressure Measurement

Ring motion measurement is routinely supported by our wireless telemetry systems.

Measurement of Wrist Pin Rotation relative to piston is achieved using IRT's proprietary sensors and wireless telemetry technology. Our system not only measures the angular value, but also the angular velocity, direction, and number of rotations over the course of a running cycle.

Piston proximity measurements are made possible by IR Telemetrics’ advanced microwave telemetry systems. With our non-contact DVRT sensors, we can measure the proximity of the piston to the cylinder wall.  This allows engineers to evaluate secondary piston motion within the cylinder. 

The Piston Friction Measurement System from IRT quantifies piston friction in an operating engine. This product is a combination of our hardware, technology, and engineering services.

Piston Strain measurements can be recorded in real-time using our wireless telemetry systems. By transmitting data from the operating piston in real-time allows your strain data from multiple gauges to be datalogged at high frequency.